Terms of Service


Prices are valid for 15 days from the date of offer. Prices are subjected to change without notice.


Price in India is inclusive of GST . For the rest of the countries the purchaser is responsible for all applicable taxes and duties in their jurisdiction.

3.Payment Terms for Software License

100% payment along with the purchase order is due to Fast WMS Technologies. Multiple copy pack is also probable with one PO and single payment. After the installation of the software, license activation will be provided by Fast WMS Technologies for the functioning of the software.

4.Payment Terms for Professional Services Fee

Professional service charges such as SOP, UAT, Data Migration, Product Enhancement / software development charges and implementation charges are paid in advance along with the work order for those services. The service Invoice will be raised for the actual effort spent.

5.Payment Mode

Fast WMS accept payment by valid Cheque, Demand draft, Online payment .Do not pay by cash. Fast WMS does not take responsibility when payment is made by cash.


As per implementation schedule and project plan discussed during project kick-off / order acceptance communication.

7. Business Management Product Recommended

Please note that the actual business management product to be implemented will be decided after the SOP based on knowing the need in detail. The right product in line with the customer need will be chosen. Please note that all products have uniform edition nomenclature and uniform pricing for each of those editions.

8. Edition Upgradation

If there are any changes in the deployment architecture or the solution capability, additional commercials apply when the edition needs to be upgraded.

9. Data Migration

Data migration is limited to, migration of master data, closing stock details and closing balance of every ledger account. The transaction data will not be migrated. If migration work is undertaken by Fast WMS, verifying the migrated data and giving approval after verifying the accuracy of the migrated data is the responsibility of the customer. The customer is charged if Fast WMS needs to develop a tool specifically for carrying out migration. Fast WMS will make best efforts to deliver the migration tool for smooth installation, but the same needs to be approved at the customer end.

10. Remote implementation services

The implementation charges will still apply, only the travel, boarding and lodging charges will be exempted.

11.Product Enhancement Policy

Product enhancement requests will be taken up as per the priority set by Fast WMS. These enhancements will be delivered as a part of regular product updates. When customer wants their needs to be prioritized, fast WMS charges product enhancement fee and delivers the product enhancement as per mutually agreed timeline.

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